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Draft Survey Calculation and Reporting Software

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software

         The DoSurvey! is an integrated calculation software for most common marine surveys which are performed routinely (presently supporting draft survey).

The application is not focused to alone calculations only, there are also functions related to data management, sharing and reporting as well. Whole fleet of ships could be managed and stored in the one application together with its relevant data, all performed surveys calculations and exported reports.

The DoSurvey! has been developed for marine surveyors and officers with care, when all DS-Marinesoft Ltd. team workers and consultants has a long time seagoing experience and practice. The calculation procedures has been tested for they reliability in consideration with international standards.

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software

Current version remarks

- BETA version is available
- some HELP files are still under construction

Our goal

Based on our rich experience with maritime industry and routine requirements related to marine surveys procedures we like to bring on market the universal ‘tool’ for seagoing personnel and marine surveyors as well.


Operating system: MS Windows 7 (32/64 bit) or higher
Resolution: 1200 x 700px or higher (100% DPI)

What you can do with DoSurvey?

• Create and manage your user account
• Build your own ship or fleet of ships with its draft marks, compartments, ship’s particulars and hydrostatic table data
• Import your existing hydrostatic data
• Make your own fleet of ships and share it with friends
• Create the initial, preliminary and final surveys
• Perform calculations and printouts in many different styles
• Maintain surveys timesheets and statements of facts
• View comprehensive timeline details
• Interpolate and sum any sounding table data easily and straightforward
• Search and filter all surveys and ship’s data as per names, ports, reference numbers, countries and many more…
• Share your data with other users via our DS Cloud Server
• Maintain the cargo database (IMSBC data are included)
• Maintain the port database
• Use it off-line when aboard with no network or on-line when the network is available
• Publish reports directly to network and distribute via e-mail to all parties
• Search your reports in cloud
• Help assistance implemented inside the application**
• Evaluate DS Cloud ships data
• Forward to our e-mail any ship’s data which you like to digitalize! We will create the ship for your and you can download it later.*
• Forward to our e-mail your standard draft survey report form and we will digitalize it and include it in your DoSurvey! application.*

* valid for subscribing users only, ** presently available only partly

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software