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If you like to install application, please follow the steps below. First download the setup.exe file using blue DOWNLOAD! link available on the top of the page.

Application is electronically signed and secured

The DoSurvey! application is electronically signed and secured by code signing certificate issued by ThawteⒸ certification authority. Until our certificate will build up a good reputation, the Windows SmartScreenⒸ (utility embedded inside WindowsⒸ OS) will inform you about starting up unrecognized application.

This does not mean, that you are running to install any type of virus or malware!

This warning will appear only during first installation.
For more information about Windows SmartScreenⒸ and certificate reputations read following HERE.

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software

Run downloaded setup.exe file

Once the setup.exe file is donwloaded you can execute this file by clicking on it.
Windows SmartScreenⒸ will appear as on image below.

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software

Click on 'More info'

As a next step please click on 'More info' link on Windows SmartScreenⒸ dialog box (as on picture above, marked by red color box and red tick-off).

The two rows, first with the name of executable file setup.exe and second with publisher details, will be displayed (as on picture below, marked by red box).

The publisher name to be DS-Marinesoft s.r.o. company name, which is registered in Czech Republic (as on picture below). Application name DoSurvey! is included as well. All these data are related to electronic signature which has been used for application signing.

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software

Initialize installation

To start up installation click on 'Run anyway' button on Windows SmartScreenⒸ dialog box (as on picture above, red tick-off).
The WindowsⒸ OS will ask you if you like to proceed with installation. Just press button 'Install' (as on picture below).

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software

Installation process

Once the installation is confirmed the dialog box with installation progress will appear (as on picture below).

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software

Run application DoSurvey!.exe file

When the installation will be successfully completed, the Windows SmartScreenⒸ will ask you once again if you like to run the DoSurvey!.exe application executable file (as on picture below).

Please, proceed as in previous case when Windows SmartScreenⒸ asked you about setup.exe file executing. Click on 'More info' link and allow application to run by clicking 'Run anyway' button (as on picture below).

DoSurvey! Draft Survey Software


You successfully installed and run DoSurvey! application.