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The DoSurvey! application to be licenced per machine. You can choose from the available subscriptions below a per the required duration.

Licence for 12 months

The licence key to extend your subscription by 1 year.
11.90 USD

Licence key delivery

When you purchase the licence key via PayPal, then the licence key will be delivered in a few minutes to your mail box. As delivery mail box is used the same mailbox which is assigned to your PayPal account.

How to use licence key

Start the DS DoSurvey! application. Press the top-right menu button with shopping cart. Later on click the button 'Enter licence key'. Copy the licence key to textbox and press 'Submit' button. When the licence key will be recognized as valid, your subscription will be extended automatically.

I don't like to purchase key via PayPal!

If you are not satisfied with PayPal contact us via e-mail with your request. The standard commercial invoice will be issued for you. Once the invoice is paid, the licence key(s) will be delivered to your mailbox.